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“Travis Puntarelli is a magician.

An all-feeling, whimsical but grounded songster you might find deep in forest of your fantastic imagination, he somehow takes all that you know and all that you don't know and all that you wish you could be and puts it in some kind of mystical cauldron in his mind, stirring up a unique, confidence-boosting, boundary-pushing learning experience that truly caters to the heart and mind of each individual. Blending keen musical discipline with soul-searching prowess, Travis is a powerful teacher willing to learn with you, work alongside you, and guide you on an unforgettable journey of musical discovery.”



Balladir is a new project from Bloomington-based bard, Travis Puntarelli. The project seeks to honor the dusty arts of heraldry, epic poetry, and the singing telegram. Inspired by such modern folk heroes as Robert Burns (1759-1796), Gary Gygax (1938-2008), and Calliope of Nestus, the group champions anachronisms that should've never been forgotten. The music is playful, eclectic, and folksy, with rustic harmonies and colorful lyrics.



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“an anachronistic vaude-villain

of vigil-antics, a relic of forgotten times: the minstrel of yore and bard of lore. A bare-footed and bunson-burned tour guide on the fault-lines of agony and ecstasy...a real life action figure (comes multi-instrumentally equipped with quips and quirks). Part jester, part monkey, all mime. Not mute though, but musical, and often in rhyme. Bender of space, traveler of time, increasing the present, decreasing clocked wrinkles and ripples and de-greasing the brain, heart and mind. ...A ingrown child. An unpaved roadshow. A one man cosmic circus & friends. Best viewed upside down, inverted, and backwards.”

~So Sayeth The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo~


Travis Puntarelli is 1000 times better at writing songs than he is at writing bios. If that's not an indication of just how awesome this weird fellow is, I don't know what will be. Go see him.