Will work weird hours...

Every fashionable party needs a good Balladir.
A Balladir who can carry a tune. 
A Balladir who knows the songs you forgot.
A Balladir you can blame the spills on.

I do solo sets and company performances,
weddings, funerals, summer camps, grave dancing
singing telegrams, wandering minstrelsy, and art installations.

Will play folk, jazz, traditional, old-time, blues, americana, italian,
originals, covers, riddles,

Will play on guitars, whistles, pianos, cellos,
accordion, bass, horns, and fiddles
(and ukuleles, of course)

Will be a one man band,
A duo, a trio, a jazz quartet,
A company of fools to suit your big band fantasy.

Will do casual, formal, period, and costumed.

prefer to be paid in gold or silver. will begrudgingly accept cash or credit.
bard@balladir.com or 812-340-9149