songcraft, mystified.

An online course about song-craft, inspiration, and muse.

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“Magic lies in between things, between the day and the night, between yellow and blue, between any two things.” ~Charles De Lint

4 Wednesday Nights in November.
10pm Indiana-time / 7pm West Coast

This course is designed for those persons excited about creating songs for personal transformation, healing, and magic. We will explore various song traditions and styles, discuss the nature of the muse, and quest to create or discover our own mystic voice. No song-writing experience necessary. This is the pilot of the course, you must help me working out the kinks. Cost is $200 for all 4 sessions. Space is limited. Talk t’me.

  1. NOV 6. Song-craft; Demystified
    an introduction to the course and to each other. ground rules. goals. the first-song.

  2. NOV 13. Psyience and Scale
    the theory of theory. interval and number. sonar technology. song in the body. the quest-song.

  3. NOV 20. The Language Door; the Love Window
    the liberated lyric. reason and rhyme. practical poetry. the planxty.

  4. NOV 27. Biology; Muse
    body as a temple. spirit as hunter. songmatter. the power-song.