Balladír is on Tour from January 23rd until February 6th! See him live…

Denver, CO
Jan 23 - Intrepid Sojourner Brewery; 7-10. Pub Songs and Anachronisms

Salt Lake City, UT
Jan 25 - Vitalize Community & Healing Arts Studio; 7-10. A Winter’s Fire, with Marya Stark
Jan 26 - Vitalize Community & Healing Arts Studio; 11-4. Courting the Winter Muse, Songwriting Immersion

Oakland, CA
Jan 27 -
The Euclid Manor; 6-8:30. Midwinter Apparitions House Concert

San Rafael, CA
Jan 29 -
Key Tea; 7:30-10. Ballads and Anachronisms

Ashland, OR
Jan 30 -
Oberons Tavern; 8-10. Levity on Tap.
Feb 1st - Shepards Dream; 5-8. First Friday with Lindy Kehoe and Travis Puntarelli
and… La Baguette; 8-11. Balladír: An Evening of Story and Song with Travis Puntarelli & Peia

Portland, OR -
Feb 4th ?

Denver, CO
Feb 5th ?